About us

Paul's Boutique was founded in 2000 by creative duo Paul Slade & Emma Minford. Armed with his innovative and edgy designs, Paul opened a stall in London’s Portobello Market. The incredible response to his designs and styles could never have been anticipated.

From these modest beginnings, Paul's Boutique has grown to become a global fashion brand, stocked in stores in over 20 Countries. Paul’s Boutique can also be found in free standing stores in South Korea and in premium Department Stores globally.

Today, with Paul as Creative Director, he and his team continue to develop their unique styles and designs from their West London studio.

Paul Slade from Pauls portrait

“Our vibrant roots and British heritage have shaped our brand. We are inspired by London’s lively streets and architecture, and we stay true to the things that made us stand out from the beginning: unique personality, quirky prints, and bold colours encapsulated in fashion forward designs. Because life’s just too short to wear boring bags.”
Paul Slade


Inspired by the vibrancy of the streets of London, we create and design beautiful bags which are edgy and unique, whilst remaining contemporary and sophisticated. Textured prints, soft explosions of neon, and a signature brush of Paul's Boutiques spirit means our designs emerge from the crowd. We love colour and we don’t shy away from using it. Our one goal is to create styles that people adore as much as we do.

quote Paul’s Boutique has a truly brilliant international strategy and has redefined the brand’s reputation to enable it to now gain traction in a challenging market